The 3rd Asia-Pacific Internet Resources Capacity Building Program

The 3rd Asia-Pacific Internet Resources Capacity Building Program (APICB)
The global domain name system (DNS) and IP, as fundamental resource is the root and basis of the whole Internet industry. DNS management guarantees stable and efficient operation of Internet connectivity. Transnational strategic cooperation and capacity building in the field of DNS technology and management will further eliminate the digital gap, assist common economic prosperity.

Initiated by China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) in 2012, this program aims to unite DNS managements and research organizations in Asia-Pacific region in the field of the domain security and protection, IP address management, domain name system security protocol (DNSSEC) and other Internet strategic key technology and system, to build an Internet cooperation platform of international level in order to conduct jointly researches and promote key technology of the next generation Internet.

Following the previous two programs in 2012 and 2013, CNNIC is pleased to announce the 3rd Asia-Pacific Internet Resources Capacity Building Program (APICB) will be held on 13-17 June 2016 in Beijing in partnership with ICANN and APTLD, co-sponsored by Coordination Center for .RU/РФ. Through the five days’ seminar, the program will serve as a dedicated platform for best practice sharing and frontier issues discussion, with the final aim to setting up a sound and self-sustainable capacity building environment in the Asia-Pacific region. Materials and videos of the program will contribute to ICANN Learn online platform for extensive use.

According to the Internet usage statistics issued by International Telecommunication Union (ITU), globally 3.2 billion people are using the Internet by end 2015, of which 2 billion are from developing countries. 4 billion people from developing countries still remain offline, representing 2/3 of the population residing in developing countries. This long-term imbalanced development caused great obstacles to regional cooperation, deepening the developing gap in the Asia-Pacific region.

In addition, the rapid development of address protocol also presents a serious challenge to the next generation Internet infrastructure. Internet security incidents fall and rise. DDoS reports of public opinion in Asia-Pacific released by RSA and other institutions pointed out that the scope of DDoS attack expanded increasingly and included banks, governments, private enterprises, and even the non-profit organizations, which seriously affected the security and the stability of the Asia-Pacific region. Therefore, the maintenance of Internet security and the active promotion of Internet infrastructure capacity in the Asia-Pacific region are imminent and imperative.

This program aims at carrying out collaborative research, technological breakthroughs and resources promotion in respect of DNS safety and protection, IP address management, DNSSEC even the key technology of the next generation Internet, etc. The program is in line with the fundamental interests of all countries and the social responsibility of the regional economy so as to maintain Internet security, eliminate the digital divide, promote industrial upgrading, innovate the international standards formulation and strengthen Internet sustainable development in the Asia-Pacific Region.

--This program is committed to substantive cooperation on the Internet resources capability building, knowledge sharing and technology exchange in industry, in the Asia-Pacific region.
--This program aims to building a long-term cooperation framework of Internet resources capacity building for the naming community and other interested parties in the Asia-Pacific region.
--This program will work out from point to area, gradually helping the less developed economy to realize the supply and demand balance of Internet fundamental technology and capital.

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