The Second Internet Resources Capacity Cooperation Program is Opening in Beijing

With the Internet resources technology developing and business engagements proceeding, the international cooperation between China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) and the globe has entering into a brand new level. Based on the neighborhood friendship, China maintains a long history of cooperation in economy, culture and society with surrounding countries in Asia. Seeking for more opportunities of communication and mutual learning, In December 2012 CNNIC has successfully held the first Fundamental Internet Resources Program in Kunming, China. This year, the second Internet Resources Capacity Cooperation Program is Opening in Beijing, from 19 August to 7 September.

The 2013 Program is dedicated to providing an international forum for the Internet leaders and pioneers in the Asia Pacific region to increase cooperation in Internet infrastructure and share experience in Internet operation and management, which will accelerate the Internet development in the Asia Pacific region and improve the influence of this region among international Internet communities and economies. This program has received guidance and strongly support from Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of PRC, as well as National Natural Science Foundation of China. The 20 days program will have more than 10 attending countries including Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia, Mongolia, Jordan, Brunei, Korea, Thailand, Philippines and etc. the Opening Ceremony will take place in 20th August, at 9:00. CNNIC is looking forward to your presence on the occasion.

Welcome you all!

Time: August 20, 2013 (Tuesday), 10:00-12:00

Place: Room 507, the 2nd building, Computer Network Information Center, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 4 South 4th Street, Zhongguancun, Beijing, China

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